Change ownership

How to transfer (re-register) a domain to another person?

Domain ownership change is a not a difficult process. To do this, the Administrator (owner) of the domain name, as well as the new person who takes over the domain together must submit an Application.

But you should consider the fact that, according to the Regulations on the procedure for registration and use of domain names in the "UZ" domain (paragraph 14, item 100 and 102):

- The administrator (owner) of a domain name can transfer a domain to another person only after six months after the domain registration and no later than 30 days before the expiration of the domain registration.

-Does not allow the re-registration of the domain name during the period of litigation, arbitration or court proceedings related to the domain name, as well as during the period of deactivation of the domain name.

There are two ways of changing ownership domain:

  1. Arriving at our office with the originals of the passport (if the old and new owner is an individual) or with a seal (if the transferring and receiving party is a legal entity).
  2. Online, via email.

When changing ownership domain online, the Old domain owner must:


Download and fill out an Application:


If an individual person: take a photo of yourself, holding a signed Application in your hand. The photo should clearly show the face and the application itself (this measure is necessary to identify the owner).

If a legal entity: fill out an application on a letterhead with a signature and seal.


Send a color copy of the scanned application and photo (if an individual) to

When changing ownership domain online, the New domain owner must:


- Complete registration via to enter your personal account.

- After entering your personal account, add your passport data (if an individual) or company details (if a legal entity) in the Owner data section.


Send a message to our e-mail address:

Subject: Please transfer domain to us

Text of the letter: Please transfer "domain name" to us for this "your Owner data", which added at personal account.